I was pretty impressed with the location and the vertical garden you promised for the project. The design is one aspect that caught my eye for the project. Pretty impressed with the layout. The team is quite friendly and they had answers for my every question, to be frank, they had answers for some silly questions of mine. Dreamhouse has to be something close to making a Dream Home and I feel it’s quite close to it. I guess my answer answered both the questions. The location is quite perfect for me as it is close to my office and my parents’ house. It has to be the Vertical Garden and Solar Energy. I feel these are pretty important as sustainability is about protecting your today for better tomorrow. Right from your design to the sustainability factors to the cordial staff and management. Looking forward to an experience of a lifetime.

- Avinash Raju

( MD- Shilpa constructions )

Checked the background of the builders and that’s when I got the confidence. Apart from that the way it’s coming - I was happy that’s the reason to choose. The design and the layout are good, it almost matches what I was thinking. The team is extremely good, initially, I was not in a frame of mind to purchase but because of the team, I could able to do it. Exactly - as I mentioned what I was thinking I am getting the same. The location is in the center, that’s one of the points to freeze. A new concept, an innovative concept. Pleasant stay - good amenities right in center of the city, fee good concept

- Arvind Kumar seela

(Head Regional Operations at Naturals Salon & Spa)

Vertical garden, roof height, central kitchen, and private lawn in each unit. The design of the building is unique. Lavish living and dining area and bedroom in my flat are big.360LIFE team is very friendly and cooperative to clarify the queries. My house is very close to my dream house. Private lawns in the house are my dream. The location is very near to the I.T. hub of Hyderabad. Vastu compliant, aroma garden, central kitchen, roof height, etc. are the best qualities of 360LIFE.

- Meela Ravi Shankar

(Director) Sudhakar Pipes

The strategic location, Design of the building, and layout of the flat are very good. A lot of planning went into designing the project and layout. Good Team. My dream house shall be excellent and hope it can be fulfilled in 360LIFE. The location is IDEAL. From here it is easy to commute to Hitech city, Gachibowli, and other happening places in the Twin cities. The vertical Garden concept is really good. It will be an IKON Project not only in Hyderabad but also in India provided it is executed as envisaged.

- M.V. Brahmanandhra rao

(Executive director (R) A.P State Financial Corporation)

While passing through the Road, I saw the banner displaying - Namitha -360 Life. Though I have not heard of Namitha Construction earlier and I am also not very serious about buying a flat I just visited the Site for information sake. When I discussed with the officials, three things attracted me which are different, from normal projects. - 1) Centralized AC for the flat. 2) Roof height of 12 ft. against the usual height of 10 ft. and, 3) Italian marble flooring. These aspects made me think of buying a flat. A location is a Central place, well connected and there are very few or no high-rise apartments with more than 20 floors in the area. it is very close to a majority of IT offices in High-tech city, Gachibowli, and the Financial District. It will be a very difficult task to get a vacant piece of land of this Size for Constructing a High high-rise apartment in this area. The design of the Building appears to be good. Customization of works within the flat is allowed which is an added advantage that many other high-rises are not allowing. Because of the consistent efforts of the marketing team only I have booked the flat which I am hesitating to buy. 360- Life is definitely a Premier Project and if completed in the same way as it is originally projected, no doubt it will be a Prestigious Venture in Hyderabad. The importance is given to Greenery, the use of good quality material, adoption of latest Technology for Security, a Clubhouse of 40,000/-sft, which is on the very high side compared to the total no of flats and as many as one hundred guest car parking areas are high lights.

- Narsihma Rao

(RT manager Corporation bank )